Alcaic [al kā′ik]
of Alcaeus or in the form of his verse
[usually pl.]
verse by Alcaeus or in his metrical patterns, consisting of four-stanza odes, with four lines to a stanza

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  • alcaic — ALCÁIC, Ă, alcaici, ce, adj. (În sintagmele) Vers alcaic = vers antic format din cinci picioare, cu cezura după al doilea picior. Strofă alcaică = strofă compusă din patru versuri: două alcaice, unul iambic şi unul coriambic. [pr.: ca ic] – Din… …   Dicționar Român

  • Alcaic — Al*ca ic, a. [L. Alca[ i]cus, Gr. ?.] Pertaining to Alc[ae]us, a lyric poet of Mitylene, about 6000 b. c. n. A kind of verse, so called from Alc[ae]us. One variety consists of five feet, a spondee or iambic, an iambic, a long syllable, and two… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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